Cellulite is the most common problem in women today.

What is cellulite? What causes cellulite and what should be done to protect it from cellulite ?
* Hormonal reasons. The excess of follicular hormone secreted from women's eggs leads to water retention in tissues.
Little work of the thyroid gland (Hypothyroidism)
* Soybean shots.
* Circulatory disorder. Cellulite is generally found in parallel with vascular insufficiency. The formation of cellulite in the veins more often causes the circulation to slow down. As a result, the heirs are revealed.
* Weight gain,
* Lack of movement,
* Use of birth control pills,
* Increase in the number of births,
* Mental tension. (Stress)
* Smoking
* Coffee
* Alcohol
* Incorrect nutrition

Cellulite occurs in three stages
1-Due to circulatory disorder, the water that goes out of the vein bucks into the tissues. We call it edema
2-In this period the edema is excessive.
3-Too much oil, water and salt molecules must be in the tissues. Due to these substances that can not be thrown out, permanent cellulites form.

The areas where the cellulite is most visible are the
upper part of the thighs and the inner parts of the hip, hip and knee, back of the calf,

How can cellulite be protected ?
* We should pay attention to the healthy and balanced food we receive. We should consume up to 1500 calories a day. Usually we should prefer the fibrous and fresh foods.
We must increase movement. We have to deal with sports like swimming, jogging, cycling and gymnastics.
We must reduce coffee and alcohol consumption. Coffee causes small veins to narrow. This facilitates the formation of cellulite.
We must stay away from sugar and salt.
* We should avoid giving and receiving weight. We see that cellulite is getting bigger every kilo. Mesotherapy is performed around 12 sessions. For the first two weeks, twice a week and then once a week is enough. Drug allergy can be done safely without causing any danger in the absence. At the end of treatment, an average of 90% of cellulite is removed from the center. It's thinning around two sizes. Especially we know that the oil deposits in some regions have not gone down despite the weakening. Mesotherapy is often preferred because it is both effective and safe for those who suffer from major problems wearing pants and are not aesthetically at peace with themselves.
* The most important factor in treatment should be to prevent re-formation. We need to change our lifestyle and take a healthy lifetime.