Changing living conditions, nutritional habits and weight problems are also on the agenda.

Depending on individual differences, body fat distribution varies. Men are the areas where the abdomen, ladies, abdomen, legs and biceps are experiencing the most problems. Generally, regional problems may persist even after the desired weight has been achieved. If regular exercises are not the solution, then an additional method is needed.
Mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, radiofrequency are methods used for regional weakening .

If we take a brief look at these, mesotherapy is the application of some medicines under the skin. The region where the examination is requested is fat dissolving, circulation regulating, restorative medicines are made as weekly sessions with tiny needles. The results start after 4 applications.

In carboxytherapy , carbon dioxide is injected under the skin. Circulation is organized in textures. The fats break down. Skin structure is improved. Frequency increase and recovery. It is administered twice a week. After 4 sessions the answers begin.

By radiofrequency treatment , skin radio wave is applied and collagen fibers are structured and reproduced. Formation, recovery, thinning and cellulite treatment are performed in the region. 10 sessions are applied.

What is Cavitation?
The cavitation system is a method developed as a result of seeking faster methods, from the first sean to 2-3 cm thinner is provided.

The use of sound waves at specific intensities causes damage to the fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues. In this way the fat is removed from the area, blood circulation is added. The treatment provides a very high patient comfort. Application title is applied to the desired region. The patient will not feel any discomfort, flushing or irritation at this time. It provides thinning without any deformity in the region and can also be used in deformation after liposuction.

No healing time is required. During the treatment, the fat content should be reduced and the daily activity should be increased.

Although the cavitation method is not directly used to lose weight, the accelerator effect on the metabolism may also cause weight loss.
Damage to the oil cells makes it difficult to store oil in this region again. Even if the patients gain weight later, they usually get it from other areas.

The application of lymphatic drainage after cavitation increases the outcome of the treatment. Lymphatic drainage regulates circulation, facilitating the elimination of metabolic debris that is released into tissues. It provides recovery and tightening.