What are dry skin, dry skin properties?
The skin in the cheeks is incarcerated and can be chilly in the air. Very thin, unusual lines can be seen on the cheek. This is because; the wrinkles become more prominent as there is not enough moisture in the skin.

These wrinkles disappear from the skin after a short period of time after applying moisturizing creams. You may be eroding your skin and clearing it very often. Sometimes wrong foundation or powder can cause instability. Whatever happens; moisture deficiency, skin barrier function.

Howard Murad recommendation: I would recommend you to use cleansers that contain more moisturizing substances compared to other skin types. You will use tonic; dryer-type alcohol-free, even rich in moisturizing and softening ingredients.

While your skin is still damp, apply antioxidant supplementation to protect against free radicals caused by external factors. Wait for the antioxidant application to penetrate the skin for a few minutes and stabilize these free radical warriors with a vitamin-enriched moisturizer.

If you need extra sunscreen, choose a sunscreen, such as titanium dioxide, that absorbs both light and inhibits ultraviolet radiation. If you feel dry and tense during the day, try using a moisturizing serum consisting of structured lipids.

After cleansing and tonic application in the evening, you should apply colchicine enhancers with a retinol palmitate-containing stripping agent.

Continue with a softener moisturizer during the treatment and repair phase. If your skin is able to withstand, you can change it by increasing the effective application of the peeler in your lap.

In evening therapies, it is helpful to use hydroxyacid in a dose that your skin can tolerate. To treat your skin with high intensity antioxidants every week, treat with vitamin C treatment and at least once every season with a vitamin C infusion.