As a result of external and internal factors, the effect of time is sagging, loosening, softness in the breasts and tears in the breasts. Some points should be considered to ensure that the most sensitive areas of the body, breasts and chest decollete, are flawless and attractive.

Chest; the breast is a whole organs of fat and milk glands that are not muscles at all, so the breasts may deform over time due to factors such as gravity, aging, frequent weight gain, birth, breastfeeding, wrong bra usage. causing a flawed appearance. Ladies immediately apply to specialists for cosmetic surgery.

However, the aesthetic surgery should be the last resort to resort to. Yesterday, with some care and care, this problem may wear out.

Step by step with lively and attractive chestnuts: -
Apply protective cream from the neck to the chest before going out to the sun.

- Avoid sunbathing.

-If you have small noses in your lungs, do not try to tighten, make a breast care mask.

- Frequently moisten your breasts with moisturizers.

- Be careful not to be tight or too abundant when towing. Take care to be underpants and cotton.

- Take a shower with warm water.

- Massage with cold water after each bath.

- Do not play sports without footwear.

-Serial peeling application can cause damage due to sensitivity.

- Choose thin cushions while sleeping.

-Be sure to sit upright while standing.

-Don't do good massages.

- Try lying on your back instead of lying on the floor.

- Be careful not to lose weight or not. This will cause tears.

Breasts also cause problems because they inhibit cell renewal.

-It's a good idea to make your breasts mildly pleeng.

How is a breast massage done?
Massages that make your breasts look and refine: The
chest, neck and shoulders are the organs thatinteract witheach other. The massage will make your thyroid gland activated and affecting the thyroid gland to improve your breasts.

Another breast massage technique is to massage your breasts by placing your palms on your chest and turning your right hand clockwise and your left hand counterclockwise.

Another movement that will strengthen your breasts is to take a towel to your hand and twist it like a laundry. Make the movement 20 times in the first day. Afterwards, increase it by 10 to 10 and increase to 100 every day.