What is natural birth, how is it done?
The term "natural birth" was produced in the 1930's. Many years ago, however, many women have become babies with natural birth methods. What is natural birth ?

It is the kind of delivery done without any anesthetic method or without medical intervention. In fact, except for exceptions in the 20th century, all women were giving birth in this way. For this reason, it should be known that it is a traditional method, not a new medical development. The truth is that in most cases the woman can have a healthy baby without any intervention. Birth; a normal biological function, not a medical event. If intervention is needed, it is incredibly lucky to be born with methods that help with birth, but sometimes the birth is missed on its own.

Does natural birth hurt?
The angels in natural birth are the most important influence that enables a mother to bring her baby to the world and this is a necessary part of the process. Pain helps the baby to go through the birth canal. It also helps tell the mother when to push, how to push and when to stop tearing. Changing positions, moving, meditating, deep breathing, listening to soothing music and being in the water are the most effective ways to deal with birth pangs.

The greatest help in natural birth is the endorphin hormone secreted for the relief of pain. During birth, oxytocin stimulates the contractions of the hormone and endorphin is released to help reduce pain. Oxytocin helps the mother become motivated for delivery.

Other anesthetic interventions, such as epidural, interfere with the release of these natural hormones and prevent the mother from preparing for the birth process. An anesthetized mother can not effectively shape a baby. It can not secrete the endorphin that is necessary to cope with the pain.

Why natural birth should be preferred?
Advocates of natural nature suggest that this method of delivery is healthier for both mother and baby. There will be no potentially harmful medicines. Birth occurs in such a way that the bodies of mother and baby are in harmony with each other. Because she is awake, she is an actress at birth and she will be aware at any moment.

With this method, at the end of childbirth, the feeling of pride and success occurs in women who give birth. The recovery period of the mother is potentially diminished and she feels much better after birth.

There are also some risks of epidural anesthesia, as in any medical procedure. These risks include low back pain, headache, bleeding at work, fever, difficulty in breathing, slowing of baby's heart rate, and a drop in baby's blood pressure. Another of the most common causes of women with epidural birth is vaginal rupture during birth due to the fact that the baby's exit is not felt.

How to prepare for natural breeding?
The natural breeding process is very important. The mother should feel as comfortable as possible. Birth room can be illuminated as desired, a relaxing music list can be prepared, exercise tools like pilates ball can be used, hot shower can be taken, massage can be done, aromatic oils can be used. The woman who will give birth naturally does not depend on the bed because she does not take any serum supplement and is not attached to the monitor for the baby's heartbeat to be heard. It can move in any way and can relieve pain by changing position. This type of birth will have a shorter opening time as soon as it is opened.

To choose a natural birth, first of all, there should be no problems in both the mother and the baby during the pregnancy period. If it is not, medical intervention will be the best option.