Recently, with the changing living conditions, the umbilicus grease became a bigger problem than the hip-base grease grease. Well hub lubrication Do you know what to do against that?
Suadiye Memorial Medical Center According to the expertise of the nutrition and diet department experts; local, that is to say, such regional oiling , even weak women are seen. Among the causes are high intake of high-sugar food, inactivity (sitting) and insulin imbalance.

Insulin Unbalance The
level of this hormone that controls the sugar in the blood is very important. When insulin metabolism is impaired, blood sugar levels and other blood values ​​deteriorate, and fat deposits occur especially in the waist-to-abdomen region. However, the high carbohydrate intake triggers this condition.

Is the amount of calories in the prevention of oiling, is the content important?
In a study conducted by the Diabetes Center in 2007, both proved to be important.

In the scope of the research; three nutrition programs with the same calorie but different nutritional items were prepared, 11 obese participants with diabetes history in their 62 years of age and with insulin resistance developed in their bodies. These participants administered a program of 1600 calories and divided into four meals (400 meals per meal) for 28 days.

Diets ;
1. Nutrition program with high carbohydrate
2. High saturated fat nutrition program
3. Mediterranean diet

As a result; weight and fat changes, but when high carbohydrates are taken it is observed that body fat accumulates towards the umbilicus . Another claim is; Monounsaturated fats taken with high carbohydrates slow down and protect the umbilicus lubrication as it improves insulin metabolism.
In this study, as a monounsaturated food source; avocado, walnut, olive oil, olive, kernel and bitter chocolate. However, many studies suggest that monounsaturated fats have positive effects on insulin metabolism.

Monounsaturated fatty acid (mufa) sources
• Olive oil, canola oil, almond oil
• Hazelnut, pistachio, walnut
• Avocado, olive

To keep it under control: SED
1. Stretch: To tighten (strengthen) movements to protect the body muscles.

2. EXERCISE: aerobic exercise for fat burning

3. DIET: Limit the energy intake per day for a Mediterranean type diet program, which has a lot of unsaturated fats that protect heart health, less saturated fats, and weight management.

a. Higher carbohydrates may be consumed in preference to more regularly distributed meals, and carbohydrate intake may be consumed in brown cereal products, which are described as mixed carbohydrates.
b. Salads and olive oil or canola oil can be used in meals.
c. Nuts or walnuts can be consumed between meals.