Why are energy drinks made, what substances are included? Interest
in energy drinks has been increasing inrecent years. However, it is not known by many people that energy drinks can create significant health hazards for the health of the person.

The main problem with energy drinks is that these drinks consist of caffeine, sugar and a few herbal stimulants. These regulatory stimulants are usually one or more of the following.

Why are energy drinks made?
Anitin: Carnitine, a kind of amino acid, metabolizes fatty acids.

Gingko Biloba: Strengthens memory.

Ginseng: Increases the energy level and reduces stress.

Guarana Cereal: It is a caffeine-rich stimulant.

Inositol: B belongs to the group of vitamins and regulates communication between cells.

Taurine: Naturally occurring taurine in the body is an amino acid that controls heart rate and muscle contractions.