Hot or cold, tea is one of the drinks consumed today in the world. The benefits of tea health have been known for many years. Recent research should be part of a healthy diet. Tea contains antioxidant properties to help increase the body's resistance.

The benefits of green tea and black tea are the same. Because two tea varieties also contain antioxidants. In fact, tea is one of the healthiest beverages to drink. Drinking four cups of tea a day does not dehydrate your body. On the contrary, tea consumption contributes to the body's ability to get the necessary water.

Experts recommend drinking a few cups of tea regularly every day. It is healthier to have a few bites before drinking the tea. There is a 70% fluoride in the tea that the body needs. In addition, antioxidants in the tea block the growth of bacteria in the body.

There is no calories in the tea when milk or sugar is not added. Also in hot weather tea is quite refreshing. The reason is that it causes the hot body temperature to swell for a short period of time.