Do not drink too much
Alcohol is an important element of celebrations and traditions, and it can benefit some people in terms of health . However, alcohol is a powerful drug and, like all drugs, it makes habit. If you chose to drink alcohol, the key to a healthy lifestyle is to stay calm.

about the Amount of Alcohol in Different Drinks Around 340 grams of alcohol is equal to a glass of 110 grams of wine or 28 grams of distilled alcohol.

Drinking with Alcohol Drugs and Drugs Do not mix
Drinking many prescription and over-the-counter medicines can interfere with alcohol, leading to serious health problems or even death. Ask your pharmacist whether the medicine in your prescription is interacting with alcohol. Taking alcohol together with illegal drugs is particularly dangerous.

not Use a Drinking Car Alcohol decline ability, muscle control and vision. When you drink, leave your car to someone else or use other transportation vehicles

If you are pregnant Do
not drink Alcohol damages the fetus.

The effect of coffee and cold showering meditation on the unborn is lifted
only after enough time has passed for the body to digest the alcohol and discard it from the veins.


Do not bend your neck for goodbye
Good- willing hosts can put pressure on you to drink more than you want or need. When you can not refuse politely, fill your cup with water or soda and sip slowly. If you are uncomfortable with too much drinkers, leave the room immediately.

Do not make it
a habit to drink Alcohol is always a warning sign of getting too close to alcohol even though it poses no significant risk for one or two doubles health a day (every day at the same time). This can be treated.

Factors Affecting Alcohol
• The fact that your diet is full affects the speed with which alcohol gets into the veins. Eat before you drink and have something to drink.
• Adjust yourself. For one hour, a maximum of two doubles is a good method.
• Small-sized people are less resistant to alcohol. For example, when a person weighing 45 kg drinks a double, a person weighing 90 kg gets drunk more than two doubles.
• Women are more sensitive to alcohol than men, regardless of their weight.