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Smoking and Smoking Cessation

Başlatan Leila, Nis 05, 2018, 09:31 öö

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Leaving the cigarette allows you to live longer and healthier.
Smokingis accepted as thenumber one health enemy insociety today. Smoking is not only a risk for cardiovascular diseases, it is preparing diseases for all organs that can not be counted. Cancer risk comes at the top of them. The risk of cigarette-related cardiovascular diseases increases in proportion to the amount of smoke ingested per day and the lungs. The age of starting smoking and smoking years also affect this rate.

After quitting smoking, a person of the nonsmoker one start, is to say that you can enjoy your new life and herself completely comfortable feeling usually three months long almaktadır.h Almost all the smokers the most difficult period after the cessation of smoking the first few days or a few weeks; because this is the period when the manifestations of deprivation are strongest. If you feel any discomfort due to smoking, it should be known that it is temporary. A cough that may occur during this period may be a healthy sign that your lungs are beginning to cleanse.

Cigarette has a detrimental effect by increasing the level of fibrinogen, increasing the substances responsible for blood clotting and bleeding, increasing the number of red blood cells, making blood flow difficult and making harmful effects. Nicotine increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by narrowing the vessels and complicating the tasks of cells that lie on the inner surface of the veins.

Loss of cigarette
Smoking causes fatal cardiac arrhythmia or vascular occlusion in people with cardiovascular disease.
About four hundred foreign substances in the cigarette smoke pass into the blood and harm all body cells and organs.
Cigarette smoking causes clotting by acting on the clotting system.
Non-constricted capillaries cause gangrene.
Smoking causes hypertension.
Cigarette smoking decreases circulation of oxygen and reduces tissue contraction and heart muscle contraction.
Smoking increases the risk of atherosclerosis by decreasing the amount of beneficial cholesterol.
Although cigars and pipe fumes are more innocent, there are harmful effects on the yine.
Smoking causes lung diseases.
People who smoke are also at risk.
When smoking is stopped, the risk of cardiovascular disease is decreasing over time.


Positive Aspects of
Smoking Cessation It is indisputable today that it is absolutely beneficial for ourselves and our relatives to benefit from the health of cigarettes.
You feel better after a very short time after you quit smoking.
After you quit smoking, you can breathe easier.
Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the body. You'd be more energetic if you quit smoking.
You save a significant amount of money.
Your body, your clothes, your house and your circle will be cleaner.
After you quit smoking, your breath will not smell, your teeth will be healthier and white.
You will not be looking for a place to leave your cigarette table, call log or cigarette butts.
You will be proud to have a strong will at this point to give up smoking soon after you quit smoking.
Your risk of developing many cigarette-related illnesses will be greatly reduced.

And after you quit smoking, you will see that you are increasingly aware of the new, clean, healthy look that others are noticing.