Milk intoxication, food poisoning is often dangerous. Some food and food are types of food that are likely to be poisoned. Investigating and learning these will reduce the potential risks. There is no need to stay away from these nutrients because they are in danger, they have consumption doses, we just have to pay attention to them. If we know the danger and consume the food according to it, the risk is almost lost and even destroyed. Green foods are especially poisonous to vegetables such as lettuce, parsley, mint, green onion, pezi, spinach, arugula, lamb ears, cress, cabbage, reyhan. Fertilization irrigation may be in the risk group during insemination. To get rid of this risk, we often have to wash and clean these vegetables. This risk is high even in the egg we eat frequently in the morning and breakfast. The poison that carries this risk is salmonella. Salads and meals made with raw eggs should never be eaten, but never raw eggs. Fishes living on the sea bottom are more dangerous than those living on the sea. The fish that live on the bottom usually take the mercury and sea scum, which increases the risk of poisoning.

Milk intoxication, salmonella is usually found in milk and dairy products. This germ can be passed on to us easily, especially with unfrozen fresh cheese, pickled cheese, yogurt made with unleavened milk and non-boiled milk. It can lead to deaths, paralysis, depression and blindness. Cheesy cheese is in high risk group. Despite the fact that everyone loves and consumes too much, a very dangerous product, ice cream, is in danger. Most of the food poisonings seen around the world are made up of freezing.