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Chicken Poisoning

Başlatan Leila, Nis 04, 2018, 04:24 ös

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Chicken poisoning, experts indicate that the rich protein source is consumed on the day the chicken is cooked and stored under appropriate conditions. Failure to do so may result in chicken intoxication. For healthy nutrition, protein is an important building block. Chicken meat is a rich and high quality protein source. Especially for children in the age of development chicken is one of the indispensable food. However, the chicken should be cooked and consumed in good and proper conditions. The chicken chain has an important place in the chicken meat until it is consumed from the first stage. Otherwise, chicken meat can easily lead to food poisoning if it is easily defective.

Bacterial reoccurrence is very easy and fast in foods with high water activity. For this reason, chicken meat should not be kept at room temperature, stored in deep freezer, thawed in refrigerator during melting, should be kept at + 4 ° C if kept fresh. Usually the date of expiry is stated in the chicken meat purchased. However, since the cold chain breaks down until the market arrives at home, it is beneficial to consume the chicken without ever waiting. Since the chicken meat is very sensitive, the cold chain should be observed as far as the food table is concerned. Otherwise, chicken meat will quickly produce bacteria, and if it is consumed, chicken intoxication will be the case.


What should be done to protect against chicken poisoning?

First of all, when you buy chicken, you should pay attention to the color and flavor of the chicken. Since the chicken is packaged, you can feel the smell better by opening a small hole in the package first. Make sure the color is light yellow if there is no unwanted condition in the smell. In addition, chickens with intense liquids under the skin and unpleasant odors should never be consumed. If a fresh chicken is preserved in the cold chain, it will be in the characteristics we have mentioned. After that, it is up to you to protect the chicken, to keep it in the best conditions and to cook it. If you are going to consume it in a short time, keep it at + 4 degrees. If it will be consumed later, put it in the freezer immediately and freeze it. Do not defrost at room temperature during cooking. Absolutely freeze in the fridge. You should be careful when cooking chicken meat. Cook at medium temperature and for a long time. It has to be that the temperature of the chicken is 72 degrees when cooked. If you cook at high temperatures, you may still be exposed to chicken poisoning. Also in this case, the solidification of the proteins and the decrease of the taste are also mentioned.