Sagopa Kajmer

Poison Shimmer

Başlatan Leila, Nis 04, 2018, 04:22 ös

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The Shoemaker's Poison is called "conium maculatum" by scientists. Among the people, this plant is also called as oregonus yada serpent. The calf is from the family of parsleygiller. Particularly in shady areas, yada is grown in damp areas. Although the shrub looks innocuous, it is one of the most toxic plant varieties. Problems brought to the manganese can be even greater than poisonous mushrooms.
The size of the shrub is about one or two meters. The body is thicker than the ones in its kind. Leaves are very similar to maydanoza as well as being large. Mixed with Parsley, it is mistakenly defeated and causes poisoning. The most important feature that distinguishes the calf from the parsley is its feature; its bad smell, the reddish spots on its body, and the gaps in its body. The leaves are large, the flowers are broad and smaller than their leaves. There are 2 types, big and small. The reddish specks on his body are likened to the blood of Socrates. According to the narratives, it is known that Socrates was killed by drinking herbal sherbet.


This plant, which glows for months as late as May and early June, can spread bad odors around. On the roadsides and in the fields, the grass weeping can be seen easily. homeland of hemlock is known as originating in Turkey. Turkey's can be easily grown in all geographic regions. In recent years, it has also been seen in the countries of North Asia.