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Natural Gas Poisoning

Başlatan Leila, Nis 04, 2018, 04:21 ös

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Natural gas poisoning Natural gas poisoning, one of the types of poisoning,  is a very dangerous poison, leading to death if no action is taken or if no action is taken. Natural gas poisoning is very different from other poisoning types according to the shape of occurrence.

Natural gas is very clean and very economical compared to other fuels. Normally, natural gas does not do anything that will cause clogging in the fumes. However, fuels such as wood, coal, etc., which have been burned before the natural gas is passed, may have formed an institution. Be sure to clean these chimneys before you use natural gas. In case of clogging, natural gas starts to be used, and when it starts to clog, it will clog in the bacause. Due to this choking, the work and institutions formed in the chimneys soften and fall into the chimney's hole and block the chimney. These obstructions can reduce the traction of the boiler and lead to the backfire of carbon monoxide gases, which can spread to the atmosphere we live in from pipes and devices and cause poisoning. Besides, when we are cooking, we can do poisoning from the gas we have forgotten to close after we have done another job in January.


Indication of natural gas poisoning

The natural gas poisoning manifest itself in three stages.
In the first stage, a smell like garlic is felt and stagnation, restlessness and drowsiness begin to be felt. If gas continues to breathe further, the desire to sleep is greatly increased, and discomfort grows.
In the second stage, the muscle contraction, tooth crevice, chills and eyes become slightly worsened. Body temperature rises, fever begins.
In the third stage breathing slows down, the pulse falls and the heartbeat slows and the lips become red as if painted with lipstick. A slight smile is formed on our skin in the same manner, and death occurs.
Natural gas poisoning, the reasons are many. Natural gas burning devices such as boilers are not cleaned at the beginning, maintenance is not done in time and it is deformed in time. Chimneys can lead to poisoning because chimney heads are recycled back in windy weather and the water in the rainy weather damages the chimneys. Natural gas poisons result from the failure of the chimney system due to the fact that non-chimney sensors are connected to unauthorized persons and the conditions required by the natural gas subscriber to regulate them are not fulfilled and the materials used in the installation are of poor quality and not in conformity with the standards.

To prevent natural gas poisoning;
Bacalar must be cleaned once a year before the winter season to authorized persons or fire crews
Before buying a boiler with a boiler, you should pay attention to the fact that the result of the test should be positive to the authorized inspection companies of the devices and boilers.
Have maintenance and other cleaning done by authorized service
Do not attach the extractor head to the heads of the chimneys
The chimney sensor must be installed and check that this sensor is in working condition
Bacalara should be hatted to protect from water and snow
When we feel gas leakage in our home environment, we should not panic at all and we must call natural gas emergency help, ie Alo 187, to be in accordance with the directive they will give us, to close the natural gas valves, to keep the windows open for ventilation which is an important issue, to prevent fire and any explosion electricity and fuses should be closed, certainly not by telephone. When calling Alo 187, the address must be clearly defined so that it can be found easily.

When we see a person poisoned by natural gas poisoning, our first aid method should be as follows. First, the environment for distributing the toxic air in the environment must be ventilated. The poisoner should be removed from the environment 112 Ambulance is sought, then the mouth and nose should be cleaned with a damp cloth. If breathing is stopped, artificial breathing should be provided.