Arsenic poisoning  is a very toxic element known since the years of Arsenic. There is a widespread use of whiteness to different areas of the industry. The most well-known use, however, is mouse poison. It is also the main ingredient of drugs used in the killing of other harmful insects. It is known that murder and suicide are also widely used in criminal situations. Places where livestock is found are usually found in many sea animals, underground waters, dyes, drinking waters, rocks and soils.

Arsenic poisoning, both breathing and ingestion poison the living things. Often, inorganic arsenic compounds are more toxic than organic ones. Mostly  exposure to Arsenic gas causes serious poisoning. Arsenic trioxide is the active arsenic compound when taken by mouth. Arsenic gas is colorless, but has a scent similar to garlic. Arsin gase comes to the fore during the process of decomposition and investigation of ores. Arsenic trioxide is used in glass, ceramics and metallurgical industries.

Indications of arsenic poisoning include acute (rapid and short-term) poisoning often caused by consumption of arsenic at high rates by respiration. Oral consumption of about 100 grams of inorganic compounds results in serious consequences. 200 grams of arsenic trioxide will kill. The first signs of burning and swallowing on the lips in acute situations. It is stomach aches and cramps, which is followed by diarrhea. The result is coma and death. In strong intoxications death can occur in an hour or two. This time is up to 24 hours.

Chronic arsenic poisoning is the first color of diarrhea and deep color. Other symptoms include breathing and swelling of garlic, edema, excessive saliva and common itching. Stomach cramps, pain similar to gastritis pain, and internal organ damage that can lead to paralysis in later stages. The treatment of arsenic poisoning is the same as the treatment of acute and chronic arsenic poisoning. For this purpose, a molecule called a chelator is used which is used to emit metals formed in the body. These metal chelators are injected into the muscle and treated. The poisons that cause human death have always been poisons, the most important tool of murder in history.

The most important reason for this is that the result is a definite and short time. In the early ages, poisons, especially from plants, were the most common ones. As an example, Sockrates had to drink a heifer was a very strong poison. Agatha Christie's Poems, Agatha Christie, known for her curiosity with poisons, liked to convey this knowledge to her readers in many of her works.

One of his best novels, the five little pigs that killed the painter Amyas Crale, coniine is a poisonous compound from the thistle that killed centuries ago Socrates. In another story, the herbs of the rings mixed in the parsley collected in the garden are caused by a great deal of trouble. Almost all family members are poisoned at dinner and lose more than half their lives. In the case of the badger tree murder, the murderer deals with the poisonous death of the badger tree.

The famous curry used by South American inhabitants is a plant alkaloid. Despite the compounds of plants, poisons obtained from animals were the most popular murder vehicles of olden times. The most snakes and acreps were at their head. Sometimes these animals themselves were also used as murder vehicles. From Cleopatra to the Borgia, the best solution to the events in the palace was mostly made with these poisons mixed with food and drink. Kings, queens, and those who did not want to, they easily escaped from the obstacles they had before them.