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First Aid in Poisoning

Başlatan Leila, Nis 04, 2018, 04:19 ös

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First aid in poisoning  is the deterioration of the body functions that continue during normal daily functioning after the entry of a substance called toxic or toxic to the body. Some foreign substances that enter the human body from outside are considered to be toxic or toxic, which may damage the normal flow of the body, as they may damage the vital functions of the body.

General indications of such poisonings

We can collect in four groups as digestive, nervous, respiratory, circulatory system disorders. We will explain the forms of poisoning and first aid that will be formed with these below for a long time.

Digestive system disorders such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea is seen. In the nervous system disorders, the patient also experiences loss of consciousness, transfer, sudden discomfort, and disorientation of the body movements. Disorders of the respiratory system are seen as shortness of breath, bruising, respiratory arrest. Disorders of the circulatory system, heart failure, heart failure.

And also the ways of poisoning happen in three ways. These ;

It is in the form of ingestion, inhalation and skin poisoning.


Poisoning by digestion is the most common way of poisoning. The poison taken by digestion is usually chemical substances, poisonous mushrooms, foods that are expected to be consumed for a long time, medicinal and chemical medicines, which are usually used in the home or in the garden, in every area of ​​our everyday life.
In case of respiratory poisoning, the toxic substance enters the body via the respiratory tract. Tube leaks, which are usually carbon monoxide and which are not noticed at first but which later appear to be high in effect, occur in boilers, butane gas stoves. In addition, carbon dioxide which accumulates in sewage sluices or rocks is formed by substances that lead to poisoning such as chlorine used in hygiene of swimming and ornamental pools, paints used for glues, doors and walls, cleaning materials used in house cleaning.
In case of poisoning through the skin, the toxic substance acts directly on the body. Skin poisoning is also caused by the absorption of substances such as insect bites, animal bites, drug injections, wrong drug use, bare handing of chemical drugs, hair dyes, pesticides.
The first aid to poisoning by digestion is done as follows;

The patient's conscious control is checked, the mouth of the patient is checked, and if the mouth is in contact with the poisonous substance, it is rinsed with water. If the poisonous substance comes into contact with the hand, the hand is washed with soapy water, the life of the patient is determined, the patient is not tried to be pounded with the current panic, especially when the burning substances are taken, the patient is never infused, if unconscious a coma is given, the upper part is covered, 112 medical help is requested and information about the event is collected and recorded. The poison level of the patient is determined by asking about the type of toxic substance, whether there is any medication constantly taken, what drugs are used, what time the patient is poisoned, and what kind of medicines are there in the house where the patient has lived.

The first aid to poisoning by respiration is done as follows;

The patient is then taken to fresh air or opened with glass and door open to ventilate the environment, the vital signs called ABC are assessed, the patient is kept in a semi-sitting position, the conscious position is given if the patient is unconscious, medical assistance is requested from 112, , then take necessary precautions to protect the environment, protect the respiratory protection by putting a mask or wet cloth on the face of the patient, never use electrical switches, electrical appliances and lighting devices in the house during the intervention, is immediately notified of the fire.

The first aid to skin poisoning is done as follows;

The life of the patient is assessed, the hands should be protected from toxic material, the clothes contaminated with toxic material must be carefully removed from the patient, the patient's body should be washed with plenty of water for 15 or 20 minutes,

The sooner we remove the poisoning substance from the body in the right way, the faster it returns to body functions. And in order for it to be faster, we should be informed to the health institutions while the correct measures are taken to the best of our knowledge.