Any harmful substance entering the body in various ways is called poisoning in order to cause symptoms in the body. Young children, throwing everything into their mouths with the curiosity of exploring, is often seen as poisoning in children. It is especially seen in children aged 2-5 years. Poisoning is the fault of parents, not of the child. Children are also poisoned, usually in spring and summer months. Because in this season children spend most of their day outdoors, and there is a growing likelihood of germs and poisons that can cover them.
Poisoning can start suddenly or slowly. Poisons enter the body through respiration, digestion and skin. They start poisoning. If we count poisoning substances, past consumption history, broken foods, medicines, cleaning materials that most children do not know and can not be harmed are poisonous to children. On the other hand, stove smoke, insect bites, carbon monoxide poisoning and petroleum products can poison children. Children are poisoned in a big accident. The consequence of this is that the children will have a sense of curiosity, eating new things, drinking, smelling poisoning, and not having parents take precautions against them. More males in children are poisoned. Because men are more curious and motivated. They mix all the drawers in the house, reaching places where they can not reach. Outside they spend most of their time. Poisoning is the most common of these reasons.

If the poisoning child has respiratory distress, the airway should be opened. If a foreign body is present in the mouth, it should be removed and the mouth and nose area should be cleaned. For this, the child is laid down head to toe and punched several times in the middle of two paddles. If you do not breathe again, artificial respiration and heart massage should be done. If the poisoned child is caught airborne, it must be removed from the environment and immediately removed to the open air.

If the child has taken the mouth by mouth, it should be immediately swallowed at the conscious place. Thus, we will throw away some of the poison. Vomiting is not a good solution if it is not in the conscious place. If vomit runs away in the lungs, it may cause the child to drown. It should be prevented from biting the side-tucked tongue. If the poisoning has been caused by the cleaning agents on the side, it should not be overheated again. Because cleaning substances burn during the vomiting and burning can lead to destruction of the pipe. Saltwater, water, milk, yogurt are usually given to the poisoners, which is a very misleading first aid. Because these foods accelerate the poisoning of the blood. If the venom is contaminated with water, the eye area should be washed with plenty of water. All poisonings are the only thing that should not be forgotten.

To prevent poisoning in children , drugs should be kept in places that children can not see and reach, storing very burning cleaning materials like bleach, salt spirit and putting them in pet bottles without drinking water, keeping them in the middle and in the middle, constantly watching children when they go out, are issues.