Ammonia poisoning occurs when ammonia is combined with nonmetal two components. Generally, there are ammonia in perfume making, medicines, hair dyes, artificial fertilizers or fertilizers. Ammonia, a part of our daily life, is an effective and harmful gas. At the same time, ammonia is also present in cleaning materials. Of course this is not pure ammonia, it is in diluted form.
Ammonia has a self-regulating effect in situations such as fainting and fatigue. There is a lot of damage to the body and especially to the skin. It causes the growth of the wounds and even the formation of wounds in the body.

Due to ammonia, poisoning leads to irritation and pruritus in the eyes in the first step. for example in hairdressers who open their hair is the substance that is effective in opening the hair of women is ammonia. For this reason, there is a sharp smell. This is not limited only to the sharpness of the smell. For example, it can lead to worn out hair, and perhaps even to rupture.