Oxygen Poisoning
Oxygen Poisoning is a fact that most of the oxygen is harmful, as most things are harmful. For this reason, people with oxygen deficiencies are given mixed oxygen oxygen instead of pure oxygen, because of the fact that they may be more harmful in their oxygen. As a result of the excessive use of pure oxygen, the brain is directly involved in the first affected organs. In this case, some very important diseases that can not be recycled in patients may occur. Oxygen poisoning that develops suddenly occurs in people, especially with visual symptoms such as visual disturbances, nausea, restlessness and cramps.Persons with oxygen deficiency may experience significant illnesses such as sudden onset of respiratory depression and blindness, depending on the condition of the person given pure oxygen. Due to the fact that excess oxygen will cause deterioration in tissues, careful attention is required in all cases. In the air, especially when the amount of oxygen is higher than the amount of oxygen in the air, the rate of oxygen is low and the ratio of carbon dioxide is high. For this reason, especially if the oxygen used by the divers is supplied from the oxygen tube under high pressure, this could cause oxygen poisoning in the stall.

If the person is breathing excessively during rest, this will lead to an increase in the oxygen level in the body. In this case the medical language is referred to as respiratory alkalosis. In respiratory alcoholosis, the rate of calorie dioxide is lowest and the blood pH is high. Such anomalies are generally seen in patients suffering from psychological problems, patients with panic attacks and those who think they can not breathe. For such patients, a paper bag is provided for a certain period of time to help the patient to breathe and to breathe in the bag in order to support his / her breathing and breathing.