Cadmium poisoning, cadmium is a type of poisoning that is usually caused by digestion by air or by digestion. Too much smoke leads to coughing and vomiting to poisoning the lungs and liver. Often the air we breathe comes out of violent metal mixtures, causing damage to the lungs or land. Chronic poisoning causes respiratory distress, nasal discharge, anemia, and kidney deterioration. Poisoning by digestion passes through consumption of acidic beverages in copper cups on the metal floor and poisoning occurs.

Causes of Cadmium Poisoning, some by-products. These are zinc, lead, copper and aluminum.
Some metals
Aluminum on
Cups and cups made of copper
To breathe
Food intake
Tobacco smoke
Cadmium Poisoning  Risk Factors increase the risk of consuming foods and beverages. We should pay attention to what we eat and drink.
To consume cigarettes and consume nicotine-containing substances
Sitting near the organizing fields of industrial fabrics with metal waste on the floor
Working in metallurgy, metrology and refineries
Nutritional deficiencies mistake in food intake use vitamins-free products
Cadmium Poisoning Indications, cadmium poisoning can occur in food consumption or in the air.
Sleeping state
Damage and brittleness in bones
Kidney damage
Destruction of the lungs
Damage to the liver
Zhelerdrert colic
Respiratory difficulty
Burning in the throat
Redness in the eyes
Clogging in here
Stomach bitches
Stomach pain
Can lead to lung cancer
Black can lead to lung cancer
Diagnosis of Cadmium Poisoning
Blood tests
Urine assays
Hair analysis
Nail analysis
Neutralizer neutron analyzes
Liver cadmium measurement
Lung cadmium measurement
Cadmium Poisoning Treatment, we must keep our bodies away from cadmium contact and breathing. There is plenty of vitamin D. Cadmium poisoning is treated by oral administration of calcium disodium edetate.

Ways to Prevent Cadmium Poisoning include what to do to reduce the odds of cadmium poisoning and to prevent poisoning,
Reduce consumption of cigarettes and nicotine-containing ingredients.
Balanced diet does not over-consume cadmium-containing foods.
Settling in remote areas from factories where the organization provides industrial or metal waste elimination.
Do not use the instructions of the fertilizer and seed usage that the earth clerk should pay attention to very much.
If you consume or use well water, we must make cadmium measurement absolutely
If there is water, cadmium should be consumed ready water. K. can be used in meals provided it boils. My faucets are filterable to the filter.
We should not put the batteries on the places where our children will know.
We should reduce alcohol consumption