Alcohol Poisoning,  Alcohol is consumed by many people today. However, people are sometimes happy while they are unhappy and consume alcohol excessively and alcohol poisoning occurs. Alcohol withdrawal causes the person to lose their self and act without knowing what they are doing. Alcohol poisoning, it quickly burst into drinking at high rates instantaneously for a short time and can sometimes produce fatal results. Drinking too much alcohol too quickly can lead to potential coma and death by negatively affecting breathing, heart rate and gag reflexes. Five or more consecutive drinkers quickly became the main cause of alcohol poisoning by drinking alcohol. Drinking home products accidentally or intentionally containing alcohol can also lead to alcohol poisoning. A person living with alcohol poisoning needs urgent medical help from a good expert. If you are suspicious of being poisoned, call for immediate help. Treatments for alcohol poisoning, providing respiratory support until alcohol is completely removed from the body, vaginal serum binding and vitamin medication. There are a few symptoms of alcohol poisoning. A few of these indications are as follows:

Mental confusion, numbness
Slow breathing
Irregular respiration
Skin is colored or pale
Low body temperature
Loss of consciousness, fainting

However, it is not important to request urgent help without these symptoms. Most importantly, it is necessary that all of the indications should not be expected because the person who is fainted and can not be awakened can face death in this situation. An unconscious person should never be left alone. You should try to sneeze the person while you wait while help is being asked. Because of alcohol poisoning, the gag reflex is also affected. Thus, a person who experiences alcohol poisoning may experience a self-confounding reflex, and vomit can accidentally reach the lungs through the breath. This can lead to fatal lung damage. In addition, alcohol poisoning, called intoxication, is a short-lived condition after taking too much alcohol. Alcohol poisoning, The amount of alcohol we get is caused by the fact that more alcohol is available to your body than you can handle. Alcohol poisoning can cause abnormal body changes, which means that thinking, acting or talking properly may not be possible. Identification is fairly easy. Quick intervention and quick treatment of alcohol poisoning ensures that death is reversed. When alcohol is ingested, it rapidly enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body, including the brain. Alcohol is formed by the combination of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms. The higher the percentage of pure alcohol, the higher the body heat and the greater the burning in the throat. Alcohol has high levels of potassium and disrupts the potassium balance in the body, which causes heart spasms and spasms. If you are afraid of poisoning when consuming alcohol, consuming milk before taking alcohol is the worst. Also, in order to avoid poisoning, one type of alcohol should be consumed and water should be consumed in between.